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Good day all,

In preparation for the Technical Meeting being held on November 26th, (5PM at The Liguanea Club )  please see the following draft documents for your review and feedback:

* CMRC Motorcycle Regulations

* JRDC Technical Regulations with Super Street Class Attachment.

The Sporting Regulations will be disseminated in short order.

The JRDC invites you to the Awards ceremony for Meets 1,2&3 and the Launch of the JRDC TOTAL LUBRICANTS HEROES OF SPEED 2017 Racemeet on Thursday October12,2017 at 6pm at the Spanish Court Hotel.

On Friday July 7, 2017 the JRDC and Jamaica's Motorsports family was plunged into mourning whe we lost the bikers rep ANDRE RICKARDS. The JRDC would like to extend sincere condolence to the faily and friends of Andre during this trying time.


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