October 10, 2018
Dear JRDC Membership,
The JRDC is in receipt of letter dated June 19, 2018 from the JMMC, regarding the allocation of
points for the JRDC/CMRC Race 3, Thundersport/Group 4 (“The Race”) of event CARIBBEAN
INVASION 2017 held May 21, 2017 at Jamwest Speedway, Old Hope, Westmoreland under
JMMC Permit # 2017-14.
Following the investigation by the JMMC Competition Subcommittee (CS) they have found that
there was no race and as such no points were due for application. The JMMC CS further
declared that the following actions be taken:
1. That no points be awarded for “The Race”.
2. That all relevant scoring be adjusted to reflect no points for “The Race”.
3. That all awards, prizes etc. based on points previously attributed to “The Race” be
properly awarded based on any scoring changes as a result of no points being awarded
for “The Race” itself.
The JMMC then instructed the JRDC to carry out the actions detailed in items 1-3 above.
Following a full audit of the 2017 championship points by the JRDC Timing Group along with
two (2) separate reviews by independent persons, the following results have been confirmed;
1. Fraser McConnell 112 points
2. William Myers 106 points
3. Kyle Gregg 100 points
On behalf of the JRDC I would hereby like to congratulate Fraser on the 2017 Drivers
Championship and apologise to both himself and Kyle for the error in this award.
For the record, please be advised that to avoid any “conflict of interest”, the JRDC Chairman
(Peter McConnell) recused himself from the review and deliberations of this matter. The entire
review and decision making process was delegated to me in my capacity as Vice-Chairman.
Yours sincerely,
Mark Myers
JRDC Vice Chairman

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