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Monique reminded me about the presentation of prizes to the worthy drivers who fought defeat at the recently concluded Independence of Speed. It was an event which rattled the 12+ corners at the thrilling 1.6 at Dover Raceway, St Ann. The ceremony was held on Tuesday.

The room, as expected, was threatening its seams. The drivers and riders, as they did at the race, turned out in a commendable number. Things are looking up, despite the Doug and David debacle.

I noticed it before, while scanning the results, comments and the videos. But, it came to the fore, abundantly clear for the individuals who are not myopic. Was it my imagination? Was it an illusion? I was being deceived by lens that require attention?


If you were at Dover Raceway on August 6th, you would have witnessed a miracle of sorts. Andre Anderson, aboard a home-brewed Howitzer, dismantled Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg’s Radical!

Andre’s bomber was on the verge of capsizing the Titanic Radical. But, fate intervened. Other plans were submitted for approval, Andre’s threat was withdrawn and Kyle narrowly escaped the noose the Andersons laid.

At the ceremony, Kyle spoke briefly. And this is where the lens factor reared its ugly head – again. In his concise speech, Kyle referred to his jostle with Andre and attempted to inject some humor.

Did he seem a bit perturbed? Was he concerned about Andre’s stout attempt to claim his scalp? Was he nervous about the road ahead? Was he? I was being misled?

There was a vibrant discussion about what Andre accomplished and what will unfold at Dover in October. There are some who are also of the view that the question posed was answered on August 6th!

So, in their minds, it is no longer a matter of – Can Andre Anderson beat Kyle Gregg?At this junction of the discourse, it is felt that – can – is no longer in the equation. The current dispensation insists that – it is not IF Andre can beat Kyle. On the contrary, it is now – WHEN will Andre Anderson beat Kyle Gregg?

October will provide further insight!

What do you think?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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