Got wings!

Eighteen - year-old Williams Myers is intent on joining his fellow ex-karters in the upper echelons of circuit racing after another excellent performance at Carnival of Speed, Dover Raceway, St Ann, on March 28. “I’m happy with my performance and being on pace with the class leaders, especially since I have less power,” he told Auto. Running in the Modified Production class two (MP2) in a Honda Civic formerly owned by Montegonian Jordan Powell, Myers grabbed two podium positions, including coming in second after a massive battle with Peter Jaggon in the first MP2 race. Using his years of karting experience, Myers attacked Jaggon using smoothness and late braking to compensate for the gap in speed. He managed to hold off the faster Integra for a few laps, but was eventually overtaken. “I just tried to stay consistent with my lap times,” he explained. For the second MP2 race, Myers went one better, taking a win that was his second Dover event ever, having joined the sport last year at October’s Heroes of Speed meet after transitioning from go-karts. “It’s just been getting used to shifting and carrying momentum through the corners to be as smooth as possible as I was in a kart,” he said. Having started his move up the motorsport ladder ten years ago, Myers is looking long term for his circuit-racing career, wanting to move up to Thundersport where the likes of Gore and Summerbell now compete. “Right now I’m aiming for the class championship, but the overall championship is on the table as well. I’m doing the full season,” he added. — Rory Daley


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