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Thank you from the Jamaica Race Drivers Club

The Jamaica Race Drivers Club wishes to thank all who supported the INDEPENDENCE OF SPEED Race Meet which was held on August 6, 2018 at Dover Race Way in St. Ann’s. The event would not have been possible without our volunteers, competitors, sponsors and spectators.

Housekeeping matters.

Dear JRDC Membership,
I again apologize to the Management Team and Membership for not being here to provide the necessary support for the August 6th race meet. My absence was due to Fraser’s unexpected participation in a WRX Rallycross event at Grand Prix Trois Rivieres on the same weekend. I am however happy to report that the Independence of Speed race meet was a resounding success despite the many negative forces against us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank three important groups that made this event successful; (i) The Competitors, (ii) The Fans and (iii) The Management Team.
The turnout of Competitors (despite the threatened boycott) was excellent and highlighted the fact that a successful club MUST have depth and not be reliant on only the “big guns” to put on a successful show for the fans. I was particularly impressed with the turnout of the IP and Superstreet cars and would like to congratulate Leroy “Ice” Spence for his great work in this area. I would also like to thank the bikers for coming out in their numbers “as usual”. I would also like to report that I had a contractor on site on Saturday who will provide me with a quotation to build additional Bays. Once the costing is available, I will reach out to the membership to identify those that are in a position to provide financing in order to guarantee a pit for themselves.
The turnout of Fans was also reasonable considering the absence of Doug & David and it again highlighted that we have a hard core group of spectators that will come out and support our events regardless of the circumstances.I would like to show our appreciation to them by covering the Grand Stand before the next race meet. The contractor measured that space also and we will be proceeding assuming that our lease is renewed, the cost isn’t prohibitive and we can identify financing.
I would like to thank the Management Team for successfully putting on the August 6th event. I would especially like to thank Rosie for assuming the role of Race Organiser at the last minute along with all the Directors, Members and Enthusiasts that provided her with the support to pull off what initially seemed impossible. I would also like to thank Mark for assuming the responsibilities of Chairman during my absence.
I however, gather that there were some challenges at the event, especially with Race Operations which we plan to address as a matter of urgency. As a standard procedure moving forward, The Managing Director will be putting together a Post Event Report to include the financial performance, a summary of the race results, “what went well and what did not” along with recommendations for the necessary improvements
needed for the next event. To assist in this process, I would like the members to provide written feedback via email based on their personal experience. Please provide this information by August 15th
Once the Post Event Report has been presented to the Board and approved, it will be made available to the membership. I would also like to take this opportunity to advise that due to the non-alignment on a undamental principle, Dean Corrodus is no longer the Managing Director (MD) of the JRDC. Dean remains a Director, but has recused himself from proceedings of the Board. That post of MD is now assigned to Rosemarie Jadusingh. I ask that you provide her with all the necessary and expected support. Once she
has assembled her complete management team, you will be advised accordingly. We have already started the planning of the October Race Meet which we expect to be a great success. We look forward to your continued support and welcome your feedback.

Peter McConnell

We are inviting members who are interested in serving on the Technical Rules Committee to submit their names by August 18th to [email protected]. The board of directors will make the final selection
of the persons to the TRC.

Report on the Aug 6 Race Meet:-
We had in excess of 60 entrants and about 2,000 spectators both paying and sponsored.
We spent 4.2mil and earned 4.3mil from gate receipts, sponsors, vendors & drivers entries.
We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the event, please send your feedback to [email protected].

Thank you from the Jamaica Race Drivers Club


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